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Aug 9, 2011
2012 Swimwear Trends - Straight From Brazil!

We're back! After the fun-filled marathon of Miami Swim Week (and all the work that comes with it during the following weeks), we're happy to be back in full swing to report on the latest designer swimwear news and trends! Last month, we covered all the catwalk glitz from Rio Summer and Sao Paulo Fashion Week, so now, let's turn to the main themes found in what we're calling the "Brazilian Fashion Weeks - Swimwear Edition" (stay tuned for our coverage of 2012 swimwear trends from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim next!)

Theme: Tropical Affair
Feathers. Leaves. Or both! In all shapes, colors and sizes, designers expressed their love of "tropicalism" in patterns with exotic bird wings, palm leaves, plumes, striking foliage, and the like. The resulting mix of birds and flora was tastefully chic and outlandishly glamorous:

2012 Swimwear Trends - Tropical Looks

Palette: Color Explosion
Intense, multi-hued, vibrant shades are all the rage. Connecting back to the tropical inspirations, lush greens, royal blues, reds, yellows and oranges were predominant. Swimwear designers mixed vibrant colors in an explosion of dazzling, lively prints. In 2012, swimwear colors must pop!

2012 Swimwear Trends - Colorful Prints

Silhouette: Retro Reigns
High-waist bottoms take center stage! Seen more and more in the past couple of seasons, designers seem to have adopted this vintage-inspired look across the board (yes, more traditional cuts are also available, so never fear, tan-crazed fashionistas!). In terms of tops, bandeaus continue to be strong, coming in the often seen variations (straight-cut, twisted, V-strap, etc). One-pieces are getting more and more creative, with differentiated, innovative silhouettes. A peculiar tendency is to see a more romantic feel on two-pieces, while one-pieces are becoming more and more avant-garde.

2012 Swimwear Trends - High Waist Bottom

Cover Up Trend... or Just Cover Down?
While tunics and dresses are typically seen as the stylish woman's alternatives to cover up before and after the beach, a cool option this season are pants and skirts as cover ups - paired only with your stylish designer swimwear top. The look is very beachy, casual, but at the same time, very well put together - mainly due to the sophisticated flowing pants and skirts seen on the runways:

@012 Swimwear Trends - Pants & Skirts Cover Ups

Accents: Sparks, Shimmer and Shine
Embellishments next season invoke pure glamour: in terms of hardware, gold is the standard for 2012 swimwear. Embroidered details also must have a touch of glamour, and so, they come with shimmer, adding a ritzy feel to the collections:

2012 Swimwear Trends - Embroidery & Gold Accents

What swimwear trends from the Rio and Sao Paulo Fashion Weeks do you like the most (and the least)? Let us know!

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