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Jun 13, 2011
Fashion Rio Summer 2012: Lenny Swimwear

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of her label this year, luxury swimwear designer Lenny Niemeyer put together a fabulous collection - in a way, revisiting years' past hits (in subtle hints), blended with today's most technological swimwear materials. The result is a cutting-edge swimwear collection with the always-present underlying elegance that has become Lenny's signature in her creations.

20 years of creating luxury, avant-garde swimwear is the theme for Lenny's 2012 collection. For this reason, details in the collection bring up some of the cuts, colors and patterns (heavily based on the elements of nature) that consecrated her in the pantheon of luxury swimwear designer "gods" for the past 20 years.

Palette & Silhouettes
With strong elements of the sea, leaves and birds, the palette was beautifully painted with shades of blue, greens, orange and yellow. The silhouettes were varied, featuring cut-outs in different places, one-pieces with unique cuts, embroidery applications, some fringes and flowing dresses and skirts. Patterns included a blend of green palm tree leaves and parrot feathers, fish spine in blue-sea colors, blue-feathered wings and a unique green-yellow-orange gradual mix print set against a snake textured fabric.

What stood out: Lenny never ceases to amaze us, by producing pieces that incorporate visionary concepts and sophistication in the exact measures to produce highly desirable beachwear. The patterns created for this collection were amongst the most beautiful that we've seen in the Fashion Rio catwalks. They are vibrant but elegant, tropical but sophisticated, the perfect blend of stylish, lively and chic. The use of new technology also stood out, particularly with the incorporation of the laser-cutting technique (e.g. precision-placed slits within the feathered patterns), as well as the textured snakeskin in some suits. Finally, we loved the retro bottoms with matching print shirts - with this collection, Lenny shows us again why her line embodies luxury swimwear at its very best!

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