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Dec 11, 2009
Designer Profile: ViX Swimwear (Part I)

We're kicking off a new series named "Designer Profile", where we take a more in-depth look at our favorite brands, the designers behind these labels and of course, why we love them! Starting off the series is world-renowned ViX Swimwear. The first part of the segment explores the brand and designer - next Monday, we'll continue with part two (Celebrities Sightings and Things We Love About the brand). Read on or click here to shop Vix Swimwear:

ViX Swimwear was founded in 1998 by Paula Hermanny and is headquarted in San Diego, California. Paula is a native Brazilian and named her brand after the airport code of her hometown of Vitoria (you guessed, "Victory"). On her first year in business, Vix had no less but four bikinis featured in Sports Illustrated - Swimsuit Edition and has gone out to repeatedly grace the pages of top magazines around the world, including Vogue, Elle, InStyle and People, among others.

The brand now has three different lines: Vix Cruise, which carries stylish, trendy swimwear and resort apparel; Sofia, a flirty and more whimsical line catering to the teen market; and Hermanny, targeted to women who want more coverage and support, with classic and sophisticated designs.

Vix Swimwear

Growing up in a coastal town in Brazil, Paula spent much of her adolescent years at the beach, wearing (and inadvertently learning about) bathing suits. One of her grandmothers was a seamstress, from whom she learned a lot about the craft of sewing and stitching. She moved to San Diego in the '90s to study, and the relative lack of stylish swimwear she witnessed led her to start bringing bikinis from Brazil. The idea became a full-time business for the designer when she decided to start her own business, which as we know, has met with resounding success. Today, Paula gathers inspiration for her Vix collections from her travels around the world, where she looks for innovative textures and eye-popping details to complement her designs.

Stay tuned next Monday, when we'll take a look at Celebrity Sightings for Vix and reveal why we love the brand!
Vix Swimwear
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