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Dec 23, 2013
Top 2014 Swimwear Trends

Every year, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami showcases the much anticipated collections of the world's top swimwear labels. With every season, women's swimwear is reinvented, and this year designers are reaching into the past - in some cases, way, waaaay into the past - to garner inspiration for the bikinis and one-pieces that will grace the salt-kissed sands the upcoming summer. Some of the major trends to keep an eye out for while you're considering your beach and pool looks are...

1. Less is, well... more!

L-Space Monica Wise Mercedes Benz Fashion: Less is More
Cozumel Strap Back Itsy - Wait 'til you see the back of this bottom!
Source: Zimbio

Stone Fox Swim: Less is More
Natasha Jessie Bikini

Dare with less fabric for next swimwear season. Tops are smaller, one pieces plunge deeper, while bottoms are thinner, sporting the true Brazilian cut (yes, that small!) Mesh and transparent fabrics are also experiencing a comeback, along with anything that shows more skin.

These designs are meant to play with sexy, and while they may not be great for athletic activities, they're made for you to enjoy yourself on the beach.

2. Sporty

Stone Fox Swim: Sporty
Zooey Jessie Bikini

L-Space Monica Wise Mercedes Benz Fashion: Sporty
Strap Back Bikini
Source: Zimbio

Geometrical color blocking, crop tops, less hardware (except for the zipper kind) and sporty silhouettes were all popping in the runway as a clear influence of athletic inspiration seeping into swimwear fashion. A lot of the construction of the sporty swim is more supportive, perfect for practicing SUP, surfing or playing your favorite sport on the sand - another bonus!

3. So Vintage

Wildfox Swim Cruise 2014-Runway: Vintage
Source: Zimbio

Bustiers and bra tops are in again, as are high-waisted bottoms. Maybe we call this the Beyoncé Effect? In any case, where swimsuits aren't revealing more skin, they are covering quite a bit of it up, and offering women some serious support. Maybe hitting the gym so hard isn't so necessary after all?

4. Flutter and Fringe

Kai Lani Marine Flutter Bandeau Kikini: Flutter
Flutter V-Bikini

Wildfox Swim Cruise 2014 Runway: Flutter
Source: Zimbio

From top to bottom, many swimsuits are sporting fringes dating back to the '70s or even whole pieces of fabric meant to flutter in the wind. Yes, it's a more fun, flirty or bohemian look that may not be for everyone. But, it can definitely draw attention to you and let you have a little more fun with your swimwear than a simpler top and bottom design might allow.

5. Geometry

Wildfox Swim Cruise 2014 Runway: Geometry
Source: Zimbio

Geometric shapes rather than the simple cuts of your traditional top and bottom continue to evolve. Multiple straps that crisscross this way and that were almost in every collection. Tops that are L-shaped, hexagonal thongs - okay, maybe we made that one up! Still, if you aren't a fan of traditional swimwear design and you want to stand out on a beach, these unconventional swimsuits are perfect for you.

Many of the designs we saw in Miami were, of course, made for the runway, and they may not be right for you. Fortunately, retailers are carrying swimwear earlier and earlier these days as the swimwear season keeps expanding. If you want to take a few months to keep trying on designs until you find the right one, you definitely have time!
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